QR.GL ~ FAQ version 1.0

Q. When signing up I keep getting an error after entering the username… What’s going on?

A. Make sure you fill out all fields on the form before hitting the ENTER button. The ENTER button submits the form and checks for completion of all required fields. If you hit ENTER right away to enter the username, the form is not complete yet. Use the mouse or the TAB button to jump to the next fields and complete the form.


Q. All buttons on the preview mobile site work except the phone button. Why is it not clickable?

A. The preview mobile site is for preview purposes only. The phone button is deactivated because a PC or MAC usually cannot make a call.


Q. When scanning the QR Code my mobile site shows up OK via Wi-Fi but seems to have issues via the mobile network on my Android Nexus phone. How come?

A. There seem to be issues with the default browser supplied with the Nexus phone. Try a different browser, such as Opera Mobile. Make sure you upgrade your browser to the latest version.


Q. What app do you recommend for scanning QR Codes?

A. We recommend the free apps from i-Nigma and ScanLife. They seem to work best on almost all phones. Try both of them and decide which one you like best. We are always open for other suggestions. If you have found another great scan app, let us know!


Q. Site Security – How do I know the code isn’t going to fail?

A. We are serious about protecting our customers and offer even better security than some banks.  If you look at the URL it starts with https – this ‘s’ at the end indicates a secure site. Our program runs on automatically backed up dedicated servers in secure datacenters with redundant connections to the internet. Big corporations are buying and endorsing our product further pointing to the due diligence and security they’ve found with our product.


Q. If I have a QR Code from a different company but it only goes to my website and it can’t change but I want your QR Code instead what do I do with my old code?

A. Get rid of it!  Save money and get our personalized, engaging code and make changes to what it links to as often as you want!


Q. How do I integrate an app into my QR Code?

A. If your company has an app you can cut & paste the URL for the link for Apple, Android or Blackberry applications into the back office and it becomes one of the hot buttons on the person’s phone when someone scans your QR Code.



Q. What is my back office and how do I get into it?

A. Your back office is what we refer to as the place where you can make changes to your QR Code, save a PDF of your QR Code to send to your printer for example, see the measurable statistics for how many times your code has been scanned, preview your mobile site to see what the customer would see when they scan your code etc.

To get into your back office go to http://QR.GL and then enter your user name and password.  You will then see choices on tabs along the top.  The Edit Profile tab is where you go to make changes to your QR Code.


Q. I tried to scan a QR Code and downloaded the recommended ScanLife free QR Code reader software but I can’t scan the code with my Blackberry, why?

A. Many times the reason is because you need to practice. Like any new technology we don’t always know exactly how to use it and have to play around with it until we get the hang of it.  Some phones take longer to focus on the code, some cameras have a lower resolution than others and some need to have better lighting conditions in order for the camera to adequately scan the code, your camera’s lens may need cleaning or you may need to try different reader software. You can always go to Google and look up the recommended scanner for your particular model of phone.  Most of the time it is a user issue or a phone technology issue and not a problem with the QR Code.  Just like with all technology, if you are not successful at first try again!


Q. Is Skype going to be one of the hot buttons?

A. We are working on this however we are not going to make a promise of timeline.


Q. Can I use Amex to pay for my QR Code?

A. Not yet, you can use Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.


Q. Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy a QR Code?

A. No, you will be directed to PayPal where you will be given the option to use a credit card or set up a PayPal account or use an existing PayPal account.  Because PayPal is extremely secure we recommend you do not attempt to use your PayPal account unless you 100% know your login and password otherwise frequent incorrect attempts could shut down your PayPal account and it will be a difficult process to rectify this.  If in doubt use your Visa or Mastercard, unless this card is already linked to your PayPal account in which case you will have to use your PayPal account! After you have paid you will be given an opportunity to sign up for a PayPal account. CAUTION: When signing up for a PayPal account, use your legal name as it appears on your bank account!  We highly recommend you set up a PayPal account right away if you plan on referring other people or businesses to the QR Code system then you would be paid a referral fee through PayPal until we move to a different vendor.


Q. If I refer someone or a business to QR.GL and can see in my back office that I have more than $50.00 in my account how do I get paid?

A. Once your account balance reaches $50.00 that we owe you for referrals your payment will be sent to PayPal ONLY if you have set up a PayPal account and at the bottom of the Edit Profile page you have correctly entered all of your PayPal account information and the mailing address associated with your PayPal account, which should be the same as the mailing address for your bank account where you intend to direct the funds.


Q. I’m interested in the affiliate program to get paid for my referrals but what is the difference between this and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

A. The entire internet is built on affiliate marketing programs. Every time you click on an add, a banner, a URL someone is getting paid. All the major companies such as Walmart, McDonalds etc all use affiliate marketing. Go ahead and look it up on Google. You will find that most affiliate marketing programs on the internet pay you a referral for the one click or the customer you direct to their business. What then happens is each time that customer goes back to that business for repeat orders you do not get paid, the company bypasses you so you have to go find yet another new customer to continue to get paid.  What is so special about our affiliate marketing program is that you get paid annually as long as that customer stays with our QR Code company and renews their QR Code.  That customer is attached to you for life. Better yet: our affiliate program also pays you for any referrals that original person you referred makes to their business associates or friends/family. So our affiliate program pays on first and second level referrals. It stays two levels only otherwise we would be entering MLM territory.


Q. I want to refer some people to QR.GL but I’m not sure how to do that?  What support does the company offer?

A. The company conducts webinars nearly every evening so anyone you would like to have check out our product and affiliate opportunity please direct them to one of these webinars by sending them the following link http://qr.gl/conference.  If they would like to sign up there is one of three ways they can get their QR Code: 1. As a customer – no affiliate – you would direct them to youruniqueusername.qr.gl  or 2. As an affiliate and customer – youruniqueusername.qr.aff.gl  or 3. As a 14 day free trial if you are marketing through the internet and they don’t know who you are, youruniqueusername.trial.qr.gl


Q. How do I contact the company if I have more questions?

A. In your back office there is a support ticket option where you can send a question or concern to the company and someone will get back to you and during most regular business hours there is also a live chat button for questions that you will find on the top right hand corner of your screen.


Q. What is the difference between the Reseller program and the Affiliate Program?

A. Only certain companies qualify as a reseller. The reseller is a company that has a client base that they regularly invoice for products and services. For example a sign manufacturing company, an advertising agency or a print shop would normally qualify as a Reseller.  There may be other companies that fit this profile however it is best to open a support ticket to ask if a company would qualify, as all reseller programs must be approved Corporately by us. It’s also important to note that in order to be paid for your referral of a Reseller you must first have personally referred and signed up 10 QR Code customers or affiliates – no exceptions!  There will be a more in depth explanation of the Reseller program on the website.

The affiliate in an affiliate program is paid $20.00 for first level referrals and $10.00 for second level referrals (once qualified) and the person who sets up a reseller program (must be qualified with 10 personal referrals at the time the program is established) gets paid $10.00 for each QR Code sold while the business or Reseller themselves get $20.00.


Q. It says in your documentation that if I become an affiliate and refer someone I receive $20.00 when they activate their QR Code.  Then if that person refers someone who also activates a QR Code then I get $1.00 or up to $10.00 if I’m “qualified”.  What does being “qualified” mean.

A. It simply means that you have personally referred 10 people who have activated a QR Code.  The second level referral works on a sliding scale according to the number of people you have personally referred at the time the second level referral occurs. For example, if you have personally referred 3 people who have activated their QR Code then if one of them makes a referral you would receive $3.00.  If you had referred 7 people and then one of the 7 refers someone then you would receive $7.00.  If you had referred 10 people then one of those refers someone you would receive $10.00 to a maximum of $10.00 per each second level referral. If you want to build an affiliate income, the smartest thing you could do to maximize your earnings is refer 10 people personally as fast as possible so you can cash in on their referrals at the maximum dollar amount.


Q. I signed up for my QR code but nothing happened?  How do I get my code?

A. This is where a lot of people go wrong.  They think when they go to the link provided by the person who referred them and they enter a user name and password that’s it!  No…you must read and continue on. Once you enter your username and password along with your e-mail address you will note that a message will come up saying that a confirmation or verification e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address and that you must click on the link in the e-mail or cut and paste it into your browser to confirm your registration. Once you click on this link or cut and paste it into your browser and your information is confirmed then the system will ask you to subscribe. Click the subscribe button, you will be directed to PayPal and need to enter your credit card information or PayPal account to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, shut down all the windows go to http://QR.GL and you will be prompted to sign in using your username and password.  Once you’ve signed in you will be able to click on the tab called MY QR and see your QR Code and be able to save it. You will also be able to Edit Profile, link your relevant social media links, and set up your QR code the way you would like with the buttons you would like your clients to see.


Q. Can I sell the QR Code for a lower price or can I get special pricing if I have a group that wants to purchase a large amount of codes?

A. We have kept the price point so ridiculously low for all the value and continued improvements to the world’s best QR Code that we cannot possibly maintain our structure, customer service and technical advancements and offer a lower price under any circumstances. A company may bundle or package our QR code as part of a value added program however, they would still buy the QR Code from the company for the same price as everyone else, it’s up to them how they recoup their money. No company is permitted to advertise that our code is free or to advertise our code at a discounted price.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions or our website.