When someone scans your QR Code they will be taken to your Mobile Landingpage, which is automatically created from the data in your profile.

Scan the image with a QR Code scan app on your phone to try this out. If you don’t have a QR Code scan app or are not sure, simply browse to on your phone to download this free app.

Clicking the uploadable logo will take them to a website of your choice.
The ‘map’ button creates a Google Map from the address info in the profile.
The ‘email’ button will open their email application with your email address already filled in as recipient.
The ‘phone’ button will pop a question box that asks them if they want to dial your phone number, which is pulled from your profile.
You can select the colors and function of the buttons individually.
The QR.GL system currently supports the following selectable buttons:

  • - Your uploaded logo is a clickable link to your website
  • - Automatic Google map to the address you enter
  • - Email address
  • - Phone number
  • - Special Button
  • - Special Deals Button
  • - Mobile App Download Buttons
  • - Twitter
  • - Facebook
  • - LinkedIN
  • - Youtube
  • - Google+
  • - Foursquare
  • - Yelp
  • - .TEL
  • NEW: Hundreds of wildcard buttons, each with their own link

The contact info can be stored to any smartphone. The user scans the QR Code and clicks the ‘request contact info per email’ link to instantly receive an email from the system with the contact info in a vCard attachment. The phone will ask if you want to store the information to your contacts.

When someone requests your information, you will receive a notification of this for easy follow up. (Leadcapture!)

If it is not measurable, it is miserable!

Every scan of your QR Code gets logged and you can find the statistics in your user account.

You can even see how many iPhones, Androids or BlackBerrys have scanned your QR Code!